The Jewish Question Rebutted

See the latest post: “The Jewish Question, Answered“.

Summary of Jewish Question related issues to be addressed over the coming months.


1. AltRight Practices
1a. @Framegames is LARPing as a Jewish lawyer (@The_Rebbe_)
1b. Andrew Anglin Style Guide (VoxDay)
1c. The JQ in the GOP (Andrew Cole)

2. Kevin MacDonald, guru of the AltRight
2a. Judaism as a Group Evolutionary Strategy A Critical Analysis of Kevin MacDonald’s Theory (Nathan Cofnas)
2b. Interview with @The_Rebbe_
2c. The Alternative Hypothesis Re-examining the JQ


  1. Jewish Theology
    Views on Christianity/Jesus in the Talmud/What is “Judeo-Christian”?
  2. Attitudes of Jews towards Gentiles
  3. Role of Judaism in Western Civilization (David Gelerntner, Yale prof).
  4. Christianity on Judaism
  5. Expulsions
  6. Jacob Frank and the formation of the Jewish Left/Frankfurt School (The_Rebbe_)
  7. Jewish Tribal Loyalty
  8. Bolshevik Revolution
  9. Holocaust Denial
    9a. Refuting Holocaust Denialism @S_ergeyR_omanov
    9b. Denial is Dead (David Cole)
  10. Why did so many Jews in the USA join the Democratic Party? (Rabbi  Henry Abramson)
  11. Jewish IQ/ Jewish Achievements


  1. Is the plague of mass immigration the fault of the Jews? (The_Rebbe_)
  2. Jewish Media / Disproportional Representation
  3. Do Jews have an advantage getting into the Ivy League?
  4. Jews in Finance
  5. Jewish Political Power
  6. Why do Jews support immigration in the USA but reject it in Israel?
  7. Role in 2016+ Election/Trump Administration


  1. Israel is the Holy Land of the Jews, has their Holy sites.
  2. Crusades/Jihad. Shia destroyed Church of the Holy Sepulcher in 11th
  3. Israel’s liberation/Palestinians/under constant attack
  4. USS Liberty
  5. Iraq War- Israel did neither endorse nor oppose Iraq War (historical record)
  6. Israel support of ISIS
  7. Israel technology/collaboration given to the USA
  8. Israeli role in US Politics
  9. Israel spying (gave us their own secrets)

One thought on “The Jewish Question Rebutted”

  1. I haven’t read your whole post, but partially Vox Day’s reason for his screed against Anglin was motivated by gab drama, and he isn’t a big fan of the tribe and would disagree with your assessment about jews and Islamic migration.


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