This is the first in a series of posts exploring the influence of the Sabbatean-Frankists and their ideas.

1. Who Murdered Western Civilization?

It is notable that conservatives don’t even understand where the Left came from, let alone what they want, why they have so much appeal, or their weaknesses. This “shooting in the dark” explains why conservatives have been so hapless in stopping the Left from sweeping nearly all legal, cultural, and political institutions in the West.

Far-right wing Orthodox Jews have a culprit: They blame the Frankist and Sabbatean heretical movements from the 17th and 18th centuries. Many scholars, from Paul Johnson to Gershom Scholem, have similarly discussed the relationship between the modern Left and Sabbateanism. These movements taught that what was “holy is unholy, unholy is holy”. They sanctified defiling Jewish Law and engaged in pedophilia, wife-swapping, ritualistic orgies, feminism, and various convoluted destructive schemes. In other words, they sound a great deal like the Left of 2017.

The Slaughter of the Hippies (the Torah version of this scene is much harsher). There is a schism in Jewry between polar opposite camps.

Since the Torah is opposed to things like feminism, radical environmentalism, adultery, homosexuality, communism, transgenderism, violent Islam, and even morbid obesity, the Sabbatean-Frankist Left naturally supports all of these things, fanatically, to the point of destroying civilization. These Sabattean-Frankists seem to pop up like Where’s Waldo at the center of subversive movements since 1700.

Further, the Left-wing thinkers who defined Western modernity were Sabbatean-influenced: Freud, Zangwill, and Bernays. Our sexuality-drenched, immigrant over-run, and nonstop corporate marketing/political propaganda bombarded existence was fashioned by these subversive Sabbatean intellectuals. They constantly use kabbalist metaphors and symbolism in their work, leaving no doubts about where their ideas are coming from.

In exploring this thesis, there are several implications:

  • The Jewish/Christian bible thumpers claiming the Left was Satanic were right all along, which is why the Left mocked them.
  • The leadership of the Left are incomprehensibly vile sadistic misanthropes (Obama, Soros, Podesta, etc.).
  • The use of sadistic-proxy Muslims is too intoxicating for Leftist elites to resist, even though it is politically toxic and self-destructive to their movement. This happened to Iranian Leftists in the 70s and Israeli Leftists in the 90s and is happening again to Western Leftists.
  • Eventually, the Leftist elite will be exposed as madmen and not “secular humanists”. Then, the Left can be defeated as was done by Rabbi Emden in the 1770s, Count Radetzky in 1848, and Netanyahu in the 1990s.
  • The Right should unify as contra-Frankist to counter its main subversive attack vectors: feminism, multi-culturalism, sexual hyper-debauchery, and anti-Christianity.

In Old Europe, Orthodox Jews would warn Christian leaders about the dangers of the Sabbatean-Frankists. The Twitter page, “The Rebbe”, is an exploration of this Frankist/Sabbatean thesis using input from a diverse range of Jews. Dozens of people have requested a more complete discussion of this topic.

2. The Suspects

First, it is necessary to discuss the conventional theories used to explain the startling rise of the Left in the 20th century.

A) Christian Left
Many adopt a “Christian” version of the Sabbatean-Frankist thesis and blame the left-wing Jesuits and Unitarians. While there is no doubt that these groups promoted far-left ideas and had the power to promote them (left-wing Protestants controlled the Ivy League), the Christian Left is marked by pathological altruism and naivete. They have historically applied a more left-wing interpretation of the Gospels, but this is hardly the ideology of today’s violent SJWs. The Christian Left acted more like useful idiots than prime movers.

B) Frankfurt School
Another explanation, promoted in Mein Kampf and accepted by the Paleocons, is that Freud, Gramsci, and the Frankfurt School (Cultural Marxists) put forward a series of ideas that formed the basis of the modern Left. From the standpoint of history, this is implausible. You have to believe that a fully-formed intellectual/political movement somehow spontaneously developed from 1900-1933 and then managed to sweep the West, utterly, within a few decades.

Further, the Frankfurt School itself was heavily influenced by Sabbatean-Frankist thought. So, it is significant as the first major institution of the modern Left, but not as the originator of its ideas. For example, Gramsci’s idea of the “Long March” through institutions had been done by Frankists for over a century.

C) “Jewish Interest”
Kevin MacDonald explains the 20th century Left’s astonishing ascension as “Jewish Interest”. Jews act in a “group evolutionary strategy”, you see, and that’s the real reason why Western Civilization is in ruins. While MacDonald may be correct that Orthodox Judaism is an “evolutionary strategy”, the Left was developed by Sabbatean intellectuals, meaning that they are promoting the opposite: “Jewry’s suicide pact”.  Indeed, once Jewry became dominated by Frankists, Jews went from being “history’s greatest survivors” to being repeatedly on the cusp of extermination. Since 1900: (a) Jews were largely removed from Europe and slaughtered by the millions within a few years, (b) Stalin was given the atomic bomb by Jewish communists and could have destroyed New York, (c) Stalin further sought to exterminate Soviet Jewry before he died, (d) Feminism obliterated secular Jewish birth rates, and lastly, (e) Israel’s Leftists repeatedly pushed their nation to the brink of ruin.

One of the most shocking revelations in this series is the peculiar passive-aggressive attitude of Sabbatean Rabbi Stephen Wise before and during the Holocaust. The most powerful rabbi of the 20th Century did nothing to help Jews in Europe and actively sabotaged anyone who tried. So, “Organized Jewry”, at its apex, hardly acted in the Jewish interest and was distinctly hostile to it. Surely there is no conventional explanation for why Stephen Wise let millions of Orthodox brethren die with little sympathy or help. Similarly, Reformed Judaism did this again in the 1980s when they failed to rescue Orthodox Jewry from Soviet persecution. Today, the radical Jewish Left aligns with Islamic terrorists in yet another genocidal war against Jewry. These actions may be motivated by the schism between the Sabbatean and Orthodox/secular right-wing branches in Judaism. In sum, MacDonald’s Culture of Critique becomes coherent when you call the last 130 years a “Jewish Sabbatean Intellectual Movement”.

D) Managerial Class
Like MacDonald,  James Burham (the inspiration behind National Review) also describes the decline of the West in rationalist terms. He blames a dysfunctional technocratic managerial elite. The problem is that corporate or governmental rationality isn’t suicide, and that’s the direction where they are leading us. Corporate and governments push the immigrant invasion, debt, and debauchery to the point of destabilizing the West. Their self-destructive actions ensure an eventual reckoning. So, these parties aren’t acting in anything resembling a rational fashion to account for where we are today.

Further, who exactly are our Elites? They were handpicked and screened by our debauched and Sabbatean Ivy League universities. France and the UK have similar gatekeeper elite institutions fully-captured by the Left. The Elite are systematically indoctrinated for years (perhaps up to 10). Anyone not agreeing to the propaganda doesn’t get promoted and is thereby excluded from the Elite. Conservative students and professors learn to either submit or remain in hiding.

E) Capitalism
Similar to the “managerial class gone wrong” is the argument that capitalism inherently promotes Leftism. Modern corrupt/left-wing Corporate, however, was defined by Sabbatean Jews. The Rothschild dynasty turned high-finance into an industry of hyper-corruption. Sabbatean Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays innovated left-wing public relations where companies could profit by shilling for subversive causes.

tabooyBernays famously shattered the taboo of women smoking with his orchestrated “Torches of Freedom” march for a cigarette company. Prior to this, Corporate was decidedly conservative.

F) Sabbatean-Frankists
The various theories above may have seemed plausible until just a few years ago. However, the Left of today has been given full control of the culture and the organs of power. We can now see the full depth of their madness: genocide of the West via immigration and unlimited cultural degeneracy (e.g. gay marriage and transgender rights). Among the subversive intellectual movements, the Sabbatean-Frankists are the only suspect with this level of destructiveness and irrationality. To paraphrase Sherlock Holmes, if the conventional theories can all be dismissed, then the Sabbatean thesis, however improbable, must be accepted.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be exploring historical events and intellectual trends to map out Sabbatean influence since 1666.

  • Sabbati Zevi: the most powerful paradigm in human history
  • Jacob Frank / Sweden / French Revolution
  • Rothschild  / Warburg Dynasties. Frankists as masters of high finance.
  • Frankist Revolts of 1848
  • Civil War / Goldmark Dynasty / John Brown / Sulzberger Dynasty
  • Zangwill / Emma Lazarus. Immigration as a vector to import anti-Western fanatics.
  • Reformed Judaism and Sabbatean passive aggressive actions during the Holocaust. How did the Holocaust happen when Organized Jewry was at its apex?
  • Frankfurt School as a Frankist think tank / Communists as Frankists / Frankfurt School conquers the Ivies.
  • ACLU/ Supreme Court Justices Frankfurter/Brandeis. USA as a court-imposed Frankist theocracy.
  • Modern times: Frankist papacy / Islamic immigration as the final destruction of the West / Islam as the logical end point of Frankist depravity / Likely looming collapse of the Left after 350 years / History of Christian late-hour victories.